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Par CORAL GUARDIAN - Publié le 24 juillet 2014 - 00:40 - Mise à jour le 25 juillet 2014 - 17:00
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This video has a strong meaning, showing marine life beauty and how important it is to us. Between Pacific and Indian Ocean: a memorial tribute to the ocean. Underwater, a memory of human on earth appeared, reminding everyone that we are part of the global ecosystem. It was placed there after the destruction of the coral reefs surrounding by human carelessness (dynamite fishing, overfishing...). This memorial is a living artwork masterpiece mixing humanity, art and marine life. It represents the timescape notion of our living on this blue planet. Biological life constantly changing faces the frozen minerals in time. It is also the terrestrial heaviness and underwater lightness, symmetry and disorder, natural shaping and human made sculpture. This artistic project was set up as part of a coral reef restoration program. The goal is to push people to think about the meaning of this artwork and let their reflexion answer. The structure is entirely made of local marble and fossilized stones.

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